Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Happy Happy New Year Everyone! Wishing all of you a very blessed and abundant 2011.
I know that it's been a while, so what a better way to start a new blog post
and welcome you all in 2011 but with this very special love story told in Angelica's own words....

"In the beginning of this year Dustin and I were introduced by his sister Jodie.
Jodie and I had graduated college together.
Dustin and I had one major thing in common, we both passionately loved God.
God was apart of both of our lives and was our source of joy, peace, and purpose.
In May we decided to move forward and pursue a relationship.
The month of May would be a life changing month for the rest of our lives.
The evening of May 18th on my way home I was in a terrible car accident.
I was on the phone with Dustin talking about our day when all of sudden I had driven into a pole.
Dustin still remaining on the phone could hear everything. He never hung up.
Being 4 hours away he hopped in the car and drove to be at my side.
The accident had caused my foot to almost be severed off.
Thank God for the surgeon at John Muir walnut creek who was able to save my foot.
After a four and half hour surgery I awoke in the recovery room
with Dustin sitting by my side.
This day caused us to recognize that we didn't want to lose each other.
We now are excited to pursue God together and forever.
We are excited to see what God has in store for us. Dustin and I give all Glory to Christ!"











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  1. Molly Davis-
    "how bout I just comment here that you're both beautiful people! and they captured your love and joy for each other." =)



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